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Cool Blue Menthol soaps cools down the body in this hot summer Month. The peppermint is soothing to sun burn.

sold in package of 6 Bars 80 gm each

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Accessories For Women

Floral Beauty Soap Se...


A set of Four Beauty Soaps .
and Rose.
These are a delight to the skin with their all natural ingredients Goats Milk, Coconut oil and Essence of Flowers.

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Garden Mint soaps are made with Goats Milk, Mint and Coconut oil. They help cool the body while keeping the nourishment intact . Ideal for delicate skin. Refreshing Mint soothes the body from Hot sun

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Accessories For Women

Honey Oatmeal Lemon S...

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Soap Scrub Having Honey, oatmeal and Lemon Extracts . Helps in Scrubing away dead skin and gives smooth polished look to the skin. Gently exfoliates skin for a glow.

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Rose Heart Soap

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